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Spring is a great time of year. The snow is melting we’re finally able to leave the comfort of our homes and venture out to our RV’s. We make that first weekend of camping as simple as possible, by having your RV completely ready to go before you even get there! Enjoy the convenience of just walking into your RV ready to go this spring!

Our winterization service leaves you with the peace of mind that your RV is ready for the long winter ahead. Many of our customers view having us winterize their RV as cheap insurance. The average cost to repair a blown water heater is $800. Don’t foot the bill for your new water heater, let Great Lakes RV Storage & Repair winterize your RV.

Take advantage of our on-site seasonal services today!


Isn’t it easier to just show up at your RV and it’s ready to go for your first weekend? We think so, that is why we offer a spring start-up and winterization services on-site.


Many of our customers are concerned something may have happened or may happen to their RV over the winter. If their was an issue over the winter rest assured Great Lakes RV Storage & Repair will have it fixed before that first weekend of camping!


Having Great Lakes RV Storage & Repair winterize or perform a spring start up leaves you with the peace of mind your RV is ready for the winter or ready to use in the spring.


Having trusted technicians performing seasonal maintenance on your RV gives you the peace of mind the job is done correctly, the first time. We pride ourselves on being the best and part of that is our customers trusting us with their RV’s



When the weather begins to turn cool, the RVing season winds down for most of us. During the fall, it is wise to prepare your RV for the harsh winter months. Taking the time to winterize and protect your RV or camper from the elements is a critical part of protecting your investment. Let the professionals at Great Lakes RV Storage & Repair help with the winterization process!

Everyone has heard horror stories of the damage that can be done by freezing pipes in both RVs and campers. Taking the proper steps to drain your lines and protect your RV from damage will be well worth it. We offer competitive pricing for our winterization services.

If you do not protect your RV and its plumbing system, water left inside your pipes or tanks can freeze when temperatures dip below the freezing point. When water freezes, it expands and can cause significant damage to your pipes, tanks, and fittings. Winterizing your RV or camper is highly recommended to protect your precious investment. If you live in an area where the temperature dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit at any point during the winter, it is best to winterize your RV. 

Many people think that they can simply drain all of the water out of their lines instead of doing a full winterizing process on their RVs. However, there are many places inside your RV where water can pool and sit, even if you drain the lines. If this water freezes, you will have a problem. The best way to avoid these issues is to winterize your RV.  You can always count on Great Lakes RV Storage & Repair to take care of this process for you. The cost of winterizing, even when done by professionals, is much less than the cost of repairing damaged pipes and tanks. 

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